The Benefits And The Detriments Of Homework

As scary as it sounds whenever a student hears it after class, so also the parents when the kid gets back from school. But irrespective of their feeling, the teachers believe it is the best way to gauge their student’s assimilation and information retention ability.

Parents do not find this funny because it ends up becoming burdensome and time-consuming.  Now we are left with the argument as to what importance and relevance does homework have on the student, or should we say it is detrimental to the child?


  • We often say that practice makes perfect. Self-control is a skill that we learn over time, and the best way to discover it is by practice. However, homework has proven to help students have restraint and the ability to learn things to perfection over time.
  • The best way for a child to grow properly is to have parental guidance and friendship. Homework then brings the child and the parent together and helps the child learn from his/her parents. On the other hand, as well, the parents get to know their child’s ability and interest.
  • Homework also creates a link and bond between the teacher, student, and parents. It is thereby making communication better between the three parties.
  • Time management skill learning can’t be in the abstract; we acquire it by the few things we engage in daily. Meaning, the parent helps to create a structure for the child’s daily routine in other to accommodate assignment periods. This parent move helps to keep the child in check for proper time usage. This structure also helps cub the child from excessive play.
  • Homework also inspires the student to study better and broader, leading to further questioning and logical reasoning.


  • All work without play, they say, reduces assimilation and intellectual capacity. Excessive homework can reduce the chances of having playtime for a child, which is detrimental to a child’s development.
  • Too much time sitting in a place, and keeping the focus on a particular theme can be detrimental for a child and also lead to health issues. Excessive homework then has more damage than good.
  • Studying in a safe environment contributes to quick assimilation. Remember, not every student comes from a suitable studying home. Some parents, due to the nature of their jobs, have abandoned their child’s learning and studying at home and probably assigned an after school coaching class to their children. This doesn’t sound safe and, as such, is not reliable.
  • Remember that playtime is essential should be included in a child’s daily routine. But surely, homework is already taking the space of play most, especially after school hours. School period is full of learning activities, and most times, students have to get home before developing their social interest.

The quality of the child’s knowledge is more important than the number of things they know. Parents and teachers should come to terms with that to raise a well-rounded child. And be sure not to forget about reliable services where they can buy homework assignments and free up lots of children’s time.

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